Retail Employees Can Build Loyalty With Clientele Management

Published: 01st February 2010
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In our new era of retail, consumers are not only constrained by limited disposable cash, but also from an overwhelming choice in our hyper-competitive market.
Customers often defer making buying decisions when they feel that they have so many things they need to buy and a massive array of retailers all competing for their hard earned dollars.
Progressive retailers need to rise above the crowded market place and engage customers on a new level. Indeed traditional marketing has its place however the new breed of retail sales associate must work towards building their own clientele network.
Every retailer should implement a clientele building program where all employees who interact with customers on the floor offer them the opportunity to join their own personal clientele list. A stronger bond is established and the customer now associates the store and the employee with future business. Personal clientele building creates stronger and more intimate relationships with customers that positively differentiates your organization from the traditional competition.
If you do not have a clientele program, you can start out with a simple form or card system that employees can use to obtain information about customers, their email address, interests etc. You can use this information to periodically contact the client with events, sales, new products lines etc. that they may find of interest. Hearing from a store employee whom they have met either by email, letter or phone adds a personal touch and makes your store top of mind over the rank and file competition.
Clientele programs with technology can become very sophisticated systems, with email broadcasts, newsletters, electronic coupons and a lot more. The main issue is to start with a simple system and get the process implemented with full employee participation. A customer is someone who comes and goes from your store. A client is someone you know well and have a relationship with. Clients think of your store when they consider a purchase over your competition.

Take Action Today:
1) Create a basic clientele program using file cards or simple forms. You can later automate this into a computerized database management system
2) Introduce your clientele system to your employees and explain the critical need for clientele relationships in today's competitive market. Train them on how to establish clients and garner their information for your database.
3) Monitor clientele building progress by employee on a weekly basis.
4) Add technology in a progressive manner and automate your system.

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