Retailers can Promote Products Through Staff Picks

Published: 05th May 2009
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Every progressive retailer can capitalize on the knowledge and opinions of their employees to make greater sales. All employees will develop opinions on your product line and a list of favorite items. Implementing a "Manager's Picks" or "Staff Picks" program costs very little and has proven time and time again to increase unit sales on selected products by 100% or even higher.
It's not surprising that employees who are enthusiastic and passionate about selected items will promote these goods and drive sales to higher new levels. Typically, a Staff Picks program will run on a one or two week cycle. If your store has higher priced items such as home appliances, a two week cycle is more appropriate. Stores with lower price points will benefit most with a one week cycle that keeps Staff Picks of smaller items fresh and dynamic.
Ask staff to select their pick of the week on Wednesday or Thursday and prepare to promote the items for the upcoming Saturday for a one week period. Depending on the size of your store, you can ask employee's to pick a number of items, up to a limit of three or five units. Staff picks should have prominent shelf signs featuring them as Staff Picks, and be promoted with a marked down price. A markdown as little as 20%, combined with the promotional feel and the enthusiastic interaction of the employees with the customers about their selected products will generate substantial gains in sales.
In larger stores, you can create a wall at the rear of the store featured as a STAFF PICKS section. Customers can expect new staff picks every Saturday, and with the section at the rear of the store, you draw customers through the premises and drive multiple sales as well.
A Staff Picks program can generate great sales levels without substantial markdowns and when managed consistently, can generate higher traffic levels and greater customer loyalty. Start building your Brand Identity with this simple yet powerful concept and watch the passion and enthusiasm of your employees as they sell their favorite products.
If any retailer wants some jpeg templates of recommended Staff Picks signs, please email us at and request the Staff Picks Sign Templates.
Take Action Today:
1) Review the Staff Picks program with employees and ask them to complete a Staff Picks selection form by Thursday.
2) Mark down the selected items and either add shelf signs or place them in the Staff Picks section from Saturday to the following Saturday if you adopt a standard one week cycle.
3) Consider a 20% mark down for Staff Picks.
4) Review all the staff picks at your staff meeting on Saturday morning so all employees are aware of all selections.
5) On your individual product signs, list the discount percentage as well as the first name of the employee who selected the item.

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